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Shoppingtrip to Saarbrücken


Hey Hey


Today we went to Saarbrücken to work off my list before leave off to Berlin.

It started that we had the last school day today, to everyone out there: There are now summer  vacations everywhere in germany ! Life makes finally joy! I wish all of you much Fun!

In Saarbrücken we went once in the shopping arcade for buying my long-awaited clock. Michael Kors I Love You! The watch is a medium-sized dial and is made of rose gold.

Long, too long I had to wait for you baby.

We went to Zara, Bershka, Tommy Hilfiger, Douglas, Starbucks, Karstadt where a lot of new clothes came together, which I will present next week all in Berlin for  you!

At last we went to a long residenting  luxury leather goods house. Where I bought  my first Michael Kors bag and my first Longchamp  bag. How many is known is so special about a Longchamp bag that you can fold them. I bought the long champ bag in medium size in the color red, and the Michael Kors Pochette in the color  black.







Denim Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger Denim

Shorts: H & M

Clock: Michael Kors

Bag: Michael Kors



Much Love


Morning Sun


Hey Guys


Today I got my lovely  sun, I missed you so much baby. My day is today also order you turn Bae!

To be woken from you I love it ! Start to the day with you , I thank you!

After I was shopping in Kaiserslautern yesterday I dress on today a complete outfit of clothes I've bought Yesterday including my beautiful kimono and he is by Primak. I do not think much of Primark and avoid the business normally but yesterday I had to go through Primark mainly because I had bought there a yoga mat and I still wanted to set a Gymnastic ball which I do not, unfortunately, found. Cry.

Well but than I saw this awesome Kimono and fell in love.


We went to Pandora, because I've always wanted to buy myself a bracelet from there, to which I want to buy from every city that I visit a matching pendant to forever remind me of my trips.


4 weeks left until I start my holidays, I'm already so excited and am already thinking since 2 weeks what I should take with me , because I travel without stopping from town to town. Well I'm going to continue to think,  and I  wish you a wonderful night





Black Kimono:  Primark

White Shirt:      Reserve

HotPants:         Zara

Barcelet:          Pandora


Much Love



Festival Time




Hey People


Today it was neither cold nor hot . I did not know exactly what should I wear so I looked what chiaraferragani the last few days  was wearing , she's a great person and I love her style . So I came to her  festival pictures which where so inspired to  me that I put together my outfit Festival itself , just a shame that I 'm too young to go on one  haha .

I wear a top with long threads and  pull a sweater over it , I found it looks quite well who both together in harmony .


I will now make a little sport and talk to my brother about  our common summer vacation, which I already can not wait anymore !

10 days 3 cities shopping, shopping, shopping I Love It !



Outfit of Today :


Grey Stretch Jeans : H & M

Top with pattern and extra long cords : Asos

Super short white cardigan : Zara



I wish you all a nice evening


much Love



Just Chilling Outside



Hey Girls, Hey Boys


Today I spent the whole day outside. I started the day with a strong Starbucks. Following I have to do a lot of  homework ... I need holidays !

After all these annoying boring homework we went out in the sun.

In my picnic basket where some strawberries, bananas, apples, and 2 bottles KiBa. I love my vegetarian diet, and can no longer think my diet away. I thoroughly enjoyed my KiBa while I let myself tans. But some ants and other insects were there which bothered me in my oasis. I hate everything that is small and moves!


After my tanning  came my workout followed , as every 30 minutes a day belly, legs and bottom, Oh yes Just do it!


Tonight I had notice again that I was I faked again. Why does the self whom you someone faket what's what you get:. Attention? Fame? Each of us has something special, each of us is peculiar. No one need to copy someone else to make others attracted attention. Everyone's like he was born right and beautiful! Please, let the fakeing and be  yourselves, the only who has found himself is able  to live!


Outfit of the day:


Sleeveless White Blouse: Topshop

HotPants: Zara

Bracelet of pearls: Christ




I wish you all a nice evening






Too Sunny Day



Hey Hey


Today it was just too warm. My Visit in Kaiserslautern was not really relaxing. On the festival the sun was  so incredibly hot that you have to drink something every10 minutes without doing anything. Too bad about this time, in the end I would rather swim went to carry me in the water and cool off my new bikini from Victoria's Secret ...


At half past 6, I was finally at home made fresh KiBa for my own , lay me out under a few trees, heard Adele, and enjoying the sun. The problem that you have with this damned heat, you can not attract even less than hot pants and belly-free, otherwise you would need nothing so the body and could walk naked through the world.


The best thing about today was the cocktail in Kaiserslautern and my Kiba ... indescribable

Now I cuddle a bit with Milli than I goes off to the Mac to keep working on my first collection.




Outfit of Today :


White blouse with floral print : Asos

White / Red Hot Pants : H & M

Bracelet 333 er yellow gold with Perl , Swarovski diamond closure : Christ

Chain of 555 er yellow gold with tanzanite : Cartier




I wish all a nice warm evening






All In White


Hey People


Today I was again in Kaiserslautern , I was glad that I was there quite early so it was not too crowded and I could no crowds running through the market and something to eat in peace .

Well a few hours later it was  full again without end .

In the crowd I did  want to meet someone , found him .. after an  half world trip .

Instead the same to me to say exactly where he is , he told me to go out but just sat there only old men . Well I found him , and he laughed at me ... no further comment.

But in the end I was glad to have met him .

After cotton candy and slush I finally went home where the shooting of my outfit today was waiting .



Outfit of the Day :


White sneakers : Converse All Star by

Blue Hot Pants aged effect : Zara

White top with ruffles pattern : Bershka

White vest with long Franzen : Asos



I wish all a beautiful sunny day





Beautiful sunset


Today  my day was started with the  ordinary school stress, annoying teachers, heavy lyrics and what the hell is algebra?

After 6 hours, I was finally freed from the agony and went home where I was greeted by a mixed salad with carrot, corn and cheese strips with open arms.


It continued with the design of various products to soon I'll open up my own online store, after which you can watch more than pleased. I would have only dreamed that it can not be that hard to decorate shirts with matching prints.


After an estimated 2 hours I needed some distraction then and I started with my workouts which I graduate from 3 times a week, I use the Online Workouts from Victoria's Secret which I can only recommend it!


In the evening then this Gorgeous sunset came , I quickly pulled my newest outfit of Abercromie & Fitch  which was arrived yesterday morning freshly from the United States .It really came out a few nice pictures.





Outfit of Today:


Pink skirt in tulle style, from top: Abercrombie & Fitch

Black and white striped sleeveless shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch

White Wedges Laser Sprint: London Rebel




I wish you all a good night





Today was a Bad Day But Hey It have to be a good One 




Hey today was really not my day. I had to stay at home alone all day. There was nothing to learn and no really interesting movie on TV. I hate to be sick it is really worse. Yesterday everything was still good and than that. 

Rrrrrr ....


Well it did not stop me today to write a new entry on my blog and to shoot pictures for it. Now I sit here and have a perfect view of the truly beautiful full moon, like almost every natural wonder is also the full moon in my opinion a really great source of inspiration.

Now that I look at the full moon, I think of the summer holidays and my city break, I just can not wait, especially because there are now just over 40 days.

Even so I have searched every now searchable site on the Internet according to destinations. Berlin will probably be my main destination the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall, in Milan cathedral and the Museum of Art and the beautiful Royal London the Tower of London and of course, the residence of our loved ones Queen Elizabeth.


That's it from me today I have to "rest" now everyone other day that I'm sick and shackled to my bed for me is a dramatic event.



Outfit of the Day:


White top with embroidery: Bershka

Jeans: H & M




Good night and sweet dreams







I Love Candy....


Hey People


Yesterday I left my  Sweet Home and visiting the Downtown.

It went off to Kaiserslautern,in the moment  there is the biggest beer festival in the West Palatinate. Which offer a variety of products such as accessories, housewares and many other things of stalls.

 But the cotton candy and the sun on the beach, followed, while a cocktail was the best. Yesterday was definitely perfect!


Yesterday I wore a pleated skirt of Bershka to a blouse and a leather jacket from Asos . The jewelerys I wearing  yesterday were very special for me. I was allowed to wear the earrings, which had been owned by my great grandmother and was always passed on from generation to generation.

For this, the already known Collier of Asos and a bracelet made of white beads of Pandora.


Today I visiting Kaiserslautern again and spend some time in the sun and have  fun.




Outfit of the Day:


Black Pleated Skirt: Bershka

Blouse: Asos

Black leather jacket: Asos

Earrings in yellow gold with diamonds: Cartier

Bracelet of pearls: Pandora

Collier with Swarovski Diamonds: Asos



I wish you all a beautiful sunny Sunday today


Much Love





Hey Today I visited with this great weather a lake very close to me. I chose my red HotPants of H&M, to my airy blouse from Zara and my Ballerinas Wedge of Asos.


After a mega busy school day I was just happy to go to the lake, the sun flattered with the morning and throughout the last days in Germany were indeed rather mild.

It is not just the largest lake but it has its incentives, such as the web or the lawn on which I settled down to sunbathe. For sunbathing next ran for the album "My Everything" by Ariana Grande. Absolute Favorite song: Love me Harder.


Tomorrow I going to visit the Maikirmes  in Kaiserslautern. I am already looking forward to show you what I'm wearing there tomorrow and what happens all so.





Red-White HotPants: H & M

White Blouse: Zara

Ballerinas Wedge: Asos




I wish you all a beautiful Thursday night


Much Love





Today I have decided for a black skater dress from Asos, it fit perfectly to my current mood.

These earrings of Christ, bracelet Versus Versace, chain of Asos and Ballerina London Rebel.

I combined the accessories so that out of the one-sided black dress a mix of street style and Modern Fashion was.

One must not forget that I am not alone today in the pictures, I shoot with the the world famous Model Milli had haha. She was not thrilled and did not really keep quiet but I think that Karl Lagerfeld think that she  can probablywalk on the next show. HAHA Kitty Cat Milly on the next runway for Karl.

I wonder how beautiful  orchids are . I love orchids, I can not get enough of them, their variety of colors inspired me again and again. They are my absolute favorite flowers and we can already say that I'm an orchid freak so I probably should also have a collection of 18 pieces call my own.





Black Skater Dress: Asos

Black Ballerinas: London Rebel

Leather strap with Amazoniten: Versus Versace

Ring: Christ

Earrings: Christ

Collier with Swarovski Diamonds: Asos



I have to learn to go now, I wish all a good night


Much Love



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